Turtle Dig


7th Kind SEO Services

1/Website Analysis:

A comprehensive analysis of the web site to work out the degree of search friendliness of website in order to estimate action of search optimization of the website.

2/On Page SEO:

We make your website content reachable for engines resulting in easier indexing, ranking by optimizing each page on your website relating to its keywords.

3/Link Building:

Link building is very vital to rank higher in all the search engines. We help you with quality building of link services to bring your profile higher in the searches and at all search engines.

4/Keyword Research / Strategy:

Keywords are one of the utmost value elements of SEO. If keywords are developed properly, it can enhance the entire internet marketing plan of your website. We determine the easiest keywords for your business which have excellent search volume, reduce the competition, and keep you on the top with high profitability.

5/Activity Reports:

We offer regular detailed updates of your web SEO performance with data information of your web visitors along with top search keywords. We also offer your complete information of referring websites and top performing pages that are helpful and referring traffic. We also present you top locations and social media activity along with other opportunities that could enhance your website leading to earning more business